The Challenge - Turning $25 into $1,000

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      Hello everyone, my presentation can be viewed through this link

        This year my main Challenge will be turning $25 into $1,000 playing poker tournaments with start date scheduled before February 1, and duration of +/- 6 months.
        I'm still considering what is the best room I enroll and start, I thank tips about the room should I choose to start this journey.


      I'll explain then what is this challenge!

      - Banca initial $25 and zero points.

      - Statute starting a room online.

      - Only count towards the challenge of multi-table tournaments.

      - At the end of the challenge, I'll do a private tournament between $50 and $100 for my supporters if successfully completed.

      - The challenge before the day begins 01/02/2013 and ends when it reaches $1000+, or when the end of August (ie, I have about 6 months to complete my goal).

        What will I play?

      - I'll start with: SNG from 30/45/50 up to $3 (depending on the room where i start'm still undecided) and MTTs (including satellites to major events) up to $3;

        Bankroll Management?

      - The idea is to play with 40 buy-ins and descend/ascend barely reaches the 40 buy-ins of the previous/next. Since the $25 initial is the risk period in which I have just 25BI for tournaments up to $1 (lowest so even if you opt for the Stars), and ideally reach $120 ASAP (40BI $3), and until DON's ponder playing cash games or just to get to $40. Accepted suggestions/criticisms about bankroll management is a priority for this challenge fails

      - Then when the bank grow and is at about $200/$250 I'll add MTTs/SNGs up to $6 to my work plan, and later when you get to the $500+ I want to focus exclusively on MTTs up to $15 until the end of my objective.

      - I'll put some hands you have doubts or find interesting. If beginners like me in these wanderings of MTTs, we can learn together, now they are more experienced can help me!

      - I will do this challenge in multi-table tournaments, because it is a format that I want to learn and think it's more interesting for who is next.


        Here I put a daily update, with the balance of the day and the daily evolution of banking.

        I appreciate all your criticisms and/or suggestions.

        Regards, John "ChipBossUp''
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