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first 100 $1.50 FR SnG's played - feedback needed

    • ReubensTrain
      Joined: 07.05.2012 Posts: 7
      Hello fellow PS'ers!

      I've played 100 SnG's (turbo) at pokerstars now. I figured this would be a good time to share my experiences and humbly ask some of the more experienced players if they can spot any obvious leaks in my stats (I'm sure there are plenty).

      I feel this might be a long post. Stats and results are presented first, and some questions are posted below that.

      First, the graph that everyone loves to see:

      As you can see, the graph is very humble. I seemed to have a better results during the first 50 tournaments. I only had 3 1st place results after the midway point.

      Overall, I had:

      1st places: 11
      2nd places: 11
      3rd places: 20

      My stats by position:

      I don't really know what I should be looking for and if there are any important stats missing.

      My own analysis:
      Please feel free to disagree! I want to become a better player and I appreciate any input you may have!

      In general, I find it pretty easy to get to the last 5 players by simply playing tight. During the first 30-40 hands , i typically have stats like 13/7 or less.

      Once I get to the 15BB'ish stack and things start to heat up, I suffer from a "blind curse". I feel obliged to atleast try to steal the big blind or defend it. Even worse, sometimes when someone limps/min-raises and I have a marginal hand like A4o, K9o, J9s, I feel like i need to punish them for being 'weak', and re-raise all-in straight into their KK-trap...

      I went through all my loosing hands where i lost my stack on the bubble. of the 14 4th place finishes, I made the correct decision according to Pokertracker's ICM calculation only on 7 of those. So that is of course a major problem. I seem to be able to score around 85-95% on the ICM trainer though, so I think I am just panicking once i get around 7-8 big blind stack.

      All the strategy and video sections seem to recommend the more aggresive play on the bubble, but I think that is where I am perhaps too aggressive now. My EV graph seems to indicate that I am not making the right decisions as well, since it is not going up..

      So... Questions:
      Is my own analysis plausible?
      When is the right time to start 'panicking' on the bubble in terms of finding got shove spots on the bubble - perhaps 3-4 BB's instead of 8?

      Comments, encouragement, analysis and suggestions are appreciated!

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    • Gentari
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 344
      Hi ReubensTrain,

      Initial thoughts are that you are doing ok, but the sample size is very small.

      Initial thought from me is to fold the SB more often and get more aggressive from BTN/CO.

      Also playing NIT is ok, but you will find getting to the bubble short means you will not have much fold equity leaving you in spots where shoves may be called light by bigger stacks.

      I recommend watching Parodiqs 3 videos for a nice idea on hands to steal/value raise with.

      Good Luck