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[NL2-NL10] tripple 10 and small straight

    • partyboy77
      Joined: 13.01.2013 Posts: 53
      i lost two all in hands today that im not sure if i played correct og diddent

      i play 2/4 euro cent nlhm

      first hand 6 players im co and dealt 10c10d

      2 folds i raise to 12 cent button fold sb and bb calls pot 36 cent ( i have 2,56euros after raise)

      flop 2h7h10s sb check bb bets half pot 18 cent i raise to pot size 54 cent

      pot size is now 1,08 euros sb folds bb go all in (bb have 3,02euros)
      i call .. then turn is 9h and river is Qh and bb show 8hJh
      and wins with flush

      did i play bad should i have folded to his all in or was i just unlucky :)

      the second hand i have 1,02 euros 4 players and position button

      co raise to 8cent i call with A3s sb and bb fold (pot size is 22cent) i have 96 cent after preflop .
      flop 2c4cQh co bets half pot size 11 cent i call (pot size 44) cents and have now 85cents
      .. turn As , co bets half potsize 22 cents i call (potsize 88 cents) i have 63 cents back river hits c5 co checks i go all with my a-5 straight co calls and show straight flush
      .. :) .. did i play this hand bad ? :)
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    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,331
      Hey partyboy77,

      Hand 1 you have the stone-cold nuts on flop. Getting all the money in can never be bad.

      Hand 2 seems ok especially given your stack size.

      Is there any reason you don't use the auto-rebuy option on whichever site you play? Generally it's recommended you have 100bb in your stack at all times unless you prefer to play a mid-stack or short-stack strategy.

      Also there is a hand converter here on under "strategy" tab, then "my poker hands", which allows you to convert your hands into an easier to read format which will make it easier for posters here to give you advice on your hands.
    • partyboy77
      Joined: 13.01.2013 Posts: 53
      i dont use the auto rebuy button becuse im realtive new to this game so i dont have too much money to spend before i get better :) .. and if i use the auto rebuy i forget how much i have lost if i loose and end up using too much money at one day :) .. and yes im currently experimenting with the sss but also trying to see some cheap flops at the same time when i have Axs and that sort of hands ... sorry about not using the hand converter .. but i cant track anything on the one pokersite i play on unibet .. becuse my hm2 dont work on that site becus my language is danish in there .. so i can only track with hm2 on partypoker .. so when i win or loose hands like theese i write em down on paper and i write down my winnings and looses on paper as well .. but on party poker i use the hm2 to track my game :) ..