2nd day and...

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    • Asaban
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      A quick advise:
      Always play according to a proper bankroll management. For a 13$ tournament this would mean a bankroll of at least 130$ (since there were only a few players in the tournament - otherwise you would need way more). Furthermore I wouldn't suggest playing qualifiers at all. The tournaments that you qualify for are way out of your comfort-zone. Otherwise you would be able to buy in directly.

      Anyways: Best of luck in your tournament!
      If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

    • babybuzz
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      Thanks for the advice! But I try my own Strat as well.

      i Buy in Low at a cash game, and grind it out.

      I usually look for qualifers i like, and use my profit from cashgame's to win

      my way up. my bankroll was at 44$ when i decided to buy in, so I still had plently to work my way up. but i do appreciate the advice, thanks Asaban