Double or nothing Sng rake is huge?

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    • jmackenzie
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      yea its huge but pkr has amazing bad fish so yeh..

      I'd suggest just playing the normal sng's as the rake structure is standard for most poker rooms and i know many people who have moved up in limits using this method.

      If you do decide to stick with them make sure you keep track of any of the better players (if any) and see if they beat the games using tools such as sharkscope.

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      Thank you jmackenzie :)
    • martoman2k10
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      This rake is huge. Party for example, also has huge rake - $3 buyin (inc $0.3 rake), so 2.7/0.3 = 11% rake. To calculate how much ITM (in the money) % you need to beat the rake, simply divide the rake by 2 and add it to 50.

      So, to beat 11% rake, you need 11/2 + 50 = 55.5% winrate.

      And at the level Im talking about on party, 55.5% is definately reasonable.

      For the example you gave, 0.4/3.1 (3.1 is the actual buyin) = ~ 13% rake.

      13/2+50 =56.5% winrate needed to breakeven. (and when you breakeven in dons, you make profit - due to bonuses, rakeback etc). Im sure there are enough awfuuuuuuul players to ensure you get 60% winrate.

      I honestly find the PKR software tilting and hard to multitable with.

      If you want to play dons, I'd recommend the following sites/networks:

      Cake(6max and 10max don traffic is decent)
      iPoker (6max traffic is good)
      ongame(6max traffic is good)
      party(only had 6max as far as I know)

      If you want, check out my blog - I am currently playing 6 max don and you can check out what sites I've played with and what kind of winrates you can get etc
    • eetwidomayloh
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      I would just like to respond for IPOKER dons.

      Not to sound paranoid but if you play on IPOKER try to avoid playin dons coz i never seen nothing like it.

      Playin 4players 20$ dons - i raise with AA get a reraise i shove and guy calls with J5 off-im thinking xmas!! Flop goes 892 -> T -> Q gives him a straight. I am shocked but not done yet - still have 2or3 blinds left. 2hands later i pick up JQ shortstacked i shove right? what you gonna do? Same guy calls with 92 off!? Flop goes 56Q -> 8 -> 7 gives him another straight.

      That is just 1 ex - i have plenty.
      I know that PS is makin biz with Poker770 but bliv me:
      SOMETHING is Seriously wrong with their dealing there!

      4player dons and they get like AK on AQ or AK on JJ or AA on QQetc etc...
      I mean it is pretty strange if we are talkin of a 4 player game.
      In 20 maybe 25 hands deal something like that - farfetched at least.

      Not to mention that train of thoughts - why would anyone call shove with J5 or 92!!?? - i have been watchin that guy and what i have seen of him that day he made some crazy calls and won a lot of it. Seen him that one day and never again.

      Bad beats on ipoker - through the roof!!! IMO

      PKR way more normal even some ppl say the same for them.
      For what i have seen there not even close to ipoker when we talk of BBs.
      So PKR is my new room and it is lookin good... for now :)

      1.)didn't sign up through PS - sorry but my country wasn't able for free money - i allways try it before i deposit.
      2.)i am in plus on POKER770 so don't get on that "sour grapes" rollercoaster.

      GL to all who love the game
    • Jafreiteris
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      I lost on so many sites with so many pre flop game of qq vs q5 kk vs K2 AA vs 52 so dont think that ipoker is rigged For my ftp poker is rigged becouse i am unluckyest there ( i know its not) What i really see that for me sng/dons are not "poker", you still going to need to face those situations with no other choise than shoving with something like AT pr flop becouse if you wait you will blindout, and hoping you will not going to be called.
    • eetwidomayloh
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      Offcourse it is not poker - agreed.

      But if you think that it is normal to fear when you shove with AA then i don't know where have you been playing man.

      Math is math no way around it - i stoped playin 770 coz i figured that i can't play normally there. Dredding will backdoor straight or flush come, will he catch 2 pair with his J5 or 92 - sorry man but that is not normal. If you have to fear that outcomes you can't play straight fwd anymore. And finally even cash games will become "that is not poker anyway" sh*t.

      Bottom line - i don't wanna fear kadonka players. You should exploit them not other way around. AA vs J5 is around 85/15% in favor AA. "well i'm gonna deal with it" - yeah once or twice but not 2 or 3 times a day. Bad beat is called BAD for a reason.

      And hey keep an open mind - pokersites dealing strange to make more money from rake - why not?? US players are allready in deep with that one.

      FYY: Ipoker/playtech is owned by an israeli business man named teddy sagi
      In 1996 tery sagi was convicted of fraud and bribery.

      Think about it...

      No offence mented just sayin, respect!