First Bad Session Since Returning

    • stantos
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      Hi Guys

      Many won't remember me but iv'e been around for a while. Took a break after building the 50 to 700 and I recently deposited 50 back into Party.

      I play sss fr 5/10c and after 6k hands have doubled it to 100

      Today I peaked at 135 then hit a sick period. My ak missed every time against numerous pairs. My numerous pairs got outdrawn by ak etc

      My favourite hand went something like this

      hero dealt a k raised to 50c
      4 folds
      btn raises 1.50
      hero all in 2.00
      btn calls 50c

      flop 8 9 A rainbow
      turn 2
      river 2

      hero shows ak pair of aces
      btn shows 24 three of a kind 2's


      my only bit of happiness being is that I broke even after hitting a low of 80.
      gonna relax today and read some and watch some then pay the little donks a visit tonight :)
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    • mesorucky
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      Nice to have you back man! yeah AK has been sick for me too lately, lost about 4 times in a row but then dished out my own sickness!

      Myself and villain All in both AK, i hit flush ace high :)

      Swings and round abouts :P