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      Hey all! I'm Mightyfool (Netherlands), 21 years old and currently a full time grinder. I'm going to try to explain in short who I am and what I'm currently doing but will probably fail on the keeping it short part ;)

      I start playing poker when I was about 14, a real sicko! :) At that time on Absolute Poker grinding out the $50 freerolls haha. At this point poker was a hobby, in local bars we were talking about re-re-re-reraise and called a 30BB effective jam just because they were suited! :tongue: Oke back to serious I guess, last year I've had a difficult year due to some private issues, because of this year I haven't been able to finish my education but I was able to find myself back in the game we all so truly love I guess :) In November 2012 a famous dutch poker player said to me: "This is the best moment to start your poker career, no job, no girlfriend, that's exactly when I started" He helped me getting started by staking me on the micro games and coaching me to a level of which I can say is +EV. In a short time we managed to grind $4K+ on the $1 to $6 MTT limits and moved up in stakes real quick.

      -> Click for HM graph <- The text in green is dutch saying "I shipped the FCOOP main event sat" and "never the one time"

      Oke, so far so good, December was upon us and we started by grinding on the $10 to $30 MTT stakes, do a really have to show a graphic of this? :( Yeah oke, things didn't work out, we were surely beating the limits but the first real downswing had begun. At this time my backer was in quite a rough downswing as well and didn't really had the time for coaching anymore. Once in while he was able to watch me play, the moves I made were good, the luck, not so much! Oke, moving on, things will go well eventually. New Years Eve I managed to make a small cash but we could be sure of 1 thing, 2013 we got some work to do! 1st of January we where down about 4K, 200 buyins effective, which isn't a huge swing or anything. (have been told 300-500 buyins is "normal") Sadly for me my backer was going to focus on his own game in 2013, he took a 4K loss and wished me the best of luck in the future. I truly respect his decision, especially because he did it when we were down by 4K instead of waiting until I made a cash.

      -> Click for graph <-

      Yeah oke, so here we are, backing stopped, no bankroll and coaching is gone as well. Alright, I don't give up easily, so with a bankroll of nearly nothing ($500) I was back on my way to the $1 to $8 micro limits, so far without success, but oke, its a sample of 500 tourneys so far which is nothing really. I believe this month I'm down by $700 which I can luckily afford because I managed to ship some live tournaments. My actual bankroll is about $1000 so I can handle a minor downswing.

      -> Click for graph <-

      Like I said before I haven't been able to finish my education, I would love to give poker a shot but don't want to end up with nothing when this poker thing isn't working out for me. I set myself a goal to have a $6K+ bankroll in June to continue playing, if I dont i go back to school in September. If I do manage to get a 6K roll+ I'll gladly continue playing and see what goals to set for June 2014 ;)

      Oke, so I lost my coaching, big bummer for me, not only because its hard to find your own leaks but also because it was nice to have someone around who had proven to beat the games already who was saying you are doing fine, its gives a certain amount of trust. I guess this is the main reason I'm joining PS. I've been active on other forums for quite a while but I'm now seeing that the level of the community isnt what it is supposed to be and am simply not getting the feedback I was hoping for. As far as I can see things are much better around here! I'm very curious if there are people here that have already been through the stage am not trying to accomplish, if those people can give me some advice on how to accomplish my goals etc. The variance in MTTs can be so depressing and downswings seem to take forever, maybe you guys know a way to kill the variance by throwing in some other games? Who knows! I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with you guys!

      any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)
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      Hey Mightyfool!

      Wow! What a read! :)

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com! Hope you enjoy your time here and bink many, many tournaments!

      Would you prefer I move this thread to our blogging section? It reads more like a blog to me :D

      Best regards,
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      Well Mightyfool, I see you come under the talking category then! :heart:
      Ok, I just thought that, since you seem to be keen to improve and achieve your goals, the link below will take you to the guy who knows all about that stuff.
      Check him out, ask his advice and see what you think, you wont regret it. :)

      Self-development study group

      Best regards,