what is everyone's roi in 180-sng

    • davidgod
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      i play many kinds of sngs 6max ,turbo , non turbo ,f50 ,hyper, ko, and 18 .
      But recently i focus on 45 and 180.

      i have play 5000 games in 4 months the roi is 22% in 8 ,15 and 35dollar games. is it a ok roi? i saw some players have more than 50% roi

      in your opinion is each level the the toughnese is the same? why i find the roi in each level is quite similar , not much different?

      i think as a new 180 man sng player I have a lot of leaks, and i always make huge mistakes in the late games. there are a lot of things to learn in this game, and I think there are way too many reg players in this kind of game. In some situations i think the whole tables are playing like a reg.
      but still it seems a interesting game to play.
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    • Asaban
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      First of all 22% ROI is perfectly fine. Especially if you are multitabling.

      50% ROI is not possible any more. It used to be possible a year ago. Since then the games got tougher.

      Most profitable should be 3+R 180men turbo's. The 35$ 180s are very reg-heavy and therefore not very profitable in the long run.

      You might be able to get a few extra % of ROI if you can improve your game. At the same time I don't think that a big improvement in terms of ROI will be possible.

    • Targetme
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      anyone with 30%+ is just running good like me or inflating rebuys