[NL20-NL50] Nl50 Hu Aq

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    • swissmoumout
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      Hi matovicmilos,
      To evaluate a HU hand, we really need reads, including which hands he'll play in 3-bet pots etc, since it's 100% player-dependant
      Then I'll get someone else to comment, cause I don't play HU ^^

    • matovicmilos
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      He didnt fold to any of my 3-bets, which i did with AT+, KJ+, and all pockets
      in about 100 hands, so i think his range is something like 35% pfr.
      I put him on draw or pocket pair since he only called flop, but after turn call and flush card on river i didnt know what to do...
    • srohack
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      first of all i would make it preflop 11 or 12 bb (5.5$ - 6$) . most of the times i would chose not to cbet this flop because of the wheel on the board and the flush draw . villains can peal it with all kind of pair + draws , draws or overpair , maybe a set or 2 pair but very unlikely
      when he just calls i put him on a small overpair or some pair + draw . if you cbet flop you have to bet this turn for value imo . when he calles turn again i exclude the set and 2 pair from his range and i mostly put him on weak overpair or some open ender straight draw + pair . a flush draw is possible too but most of the players would check raise that on the flop .
      on the river the flush completes but the king doesnt change to much the hand .
      on the river your reads count the most imo and you can chose the play depending on the opponent . you have to take the best line against his all range
      if he is a lose passive and you think he can call with middle pair then go for value if you feel you cant get anymore value from him and he will bet just better hands and fold all worse then check / fold its an option .
      if you feel he can turn a weak hand with showdown value into a bluff then check call its ok