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hello from london and help needed

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    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hey renatorossi and welcome!

      and good choice in hobby :D sorry to hear you busted your roll :( i'm sure you've read about ways to avoid that so if you are ready then surely moving up in stakes will be better if you don't play scared money. you will be paying less rake if you do move up. the recommended number of buyins for micros is 25 but once you get to around nl25+ you probably want at least 40 or so but tbh it's mainly a preference thing that you will have to discover for yourself. the main thing is that you stick to your bankroll management and move down when you have to. that said, if you really aren't comfortable then why not just stay doing what you are doing? as long as you are enjoying yourself.

      I know that pokerstars has the lowest rake too so you might want to consider moving there especially if you don't like the software on other sites. just be sure to use the sign up code from here!

      about being old and hopeless at the software... i dont think it's a problem. it obviously will take some getting used to and nobody has a clue at first :D but the main idea is just to get stuck in and use it and give it a go. the most important is a HUD which you say you are already using. other than that, I wouldn't say things like tableninja are really necessary. I'm still on my trial of tableninja and while it is helpful I really don't think I'll stay using it. but they have a trial so you can always test it out and see for yourself!

      good luck!