is the rebuy mtt only rake once?

    • davidgod
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      i am curious about the rebuy mtt, it seems like the rebuy mtt only charge rake once. All the other rebuy and addon seems like rake free.

      But why all the poker rooms encourage players to rebuy and addon.
      rebuy and add on get more chips ,and pokerstars have a lot of 2x 3x rebuy time tournament.

      in poker room's shoes if the tournament just charge the first 10% buyin rake. They should wish the tournament end earlier by not encourage the rebuy.
      so that the busted out player could buyin another tournament.

      or is it the rebuy actually charge rake?
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    • Asaban
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      Rebuy's and Addon's do not charge rake in most networks.

      On french sites (, etc) rake is charged for every rebuy though.

      I am not sure why there is no rake on most sites. I guess, once it was introduced like this, there is no chance to change it without the players complaining.

      Furthermore they are interesting for the sites because even tournaments with low buyins can have significant pricepools. The bad players will only buyin once and be happy about the pricepool and their low investment. The better players will be happy about the dead money and the good structure.

      In the end rebuy tournaments won't last significantly longer then normal tournaments. Therefore it is not a big problem for the poker sites.