Full Tilt Points, no first deposit

    • dreamscholar
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      I have never deposited money at full tilt, but I did win $2.00 in real money through a free tournaments. I've used this money to play cash games and have grown it to a $100 bankroll.

      During this time I've also accumulated 2500 full tilt points ($250 for the house so they have made over 1000% return off me). My question is this: can I use these 2500 FT points towards my first deposit bonus?

      Lets say I make my first deposit of $100 tomorrow... will they match that $100 based on the 2500 FT points I've collected to date (2500 * $0.04) ... or will they only honor new FT points that I collect from tomorrow on?

      Any feedback would be appreciated.
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