Hello from Lithuania too

    • fizbin
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      Like the another recent new member, I live in Lithuania. I've been a professional poker player for many years, all the way back to ancient times, when limit hold'em games still walked the Earth. I play ring games, rarely tournaments. I am here, because I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks. I made a partial transition to no limit hold'em a couple years ago. I still have a lot to learn there, but I guess I'm pretty deadly with a short stack. Right now I'm concentrating on learning PLO (Hi.) I've tried PLO both short stacked and deep, and I'm open to whichever proves most profitable. I wonder which would make the most money today in online poker: a highly skilled limit hold'em player, a no limit hold'em short stacker, or a green but book-smart PLO player with general poker smarts?
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