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optimal 3-bet % in hyper

    • meoweth
      Joined: 07.01.2013 Posts: 36
      Hi guys, what is the optimal 3-bet % against an opponent who is raising his SB optimally? I think this is my biggest problem, because I only raise really good premium hands (like QQ+) and I dont know what to do with really good hands with 1 dangler. I also have seen some players 3-bet me with stuff like 5678, yet not bet into a broadway flop. So I'm guessing there is a bit of deceptive 3-betting as you would do in NLHE with middle suited connectors. Do I just use the same philosophy here?
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    • fizbin
      Joined: 15.01.2013 Posts: 38
      By "hyper", you mean a heads up hyper turbo tournament? So, the small blind has the button. What does your database show for your opponents' overall open-raise frequency in the small blind? I haven't played hyper heads ups at all, but I'm guessing optimal strategy is for the small blind to raise almost any four cards and the big blind to reraise with only really good hands, due to being out of position. You want to reraise with hands that can likely cbet the flop, like AAxx or a well coordinated hand like AKJ9ss. Hands with danglers need a lot of help from the flop, so at most just call with those, IMO.

      A hand like 8765ss can suck out vs AA - it's in better shape there than most hands and has good implied odds - so yes it is like 87s in hold'em and can 3-bet for deception. 8765ss is going to work a lot better in position than out of position, though.

      Another hand to reraise for deception is something like 8877ss. When you cbet this on the flop and get called, you figure you're beat if you're unimproved, but you've probably got at least 4 outs to tilt your opponent.

      Anyway, I'm only answering because nobody else has so far. Listen to what others say.