[NL2-NL10] House, push or call river?

    • Festfingre
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      Known Players:
      BU: $10.30 - 103 bb
      SB: $10.20 - 102 bb
      BB: $14.82 - 148 bb

      0.05/0.10 No Limit Hold'em (3 Handed)
      Hand recorder for this hand: PokerStrategy.com SideKick

      Preflop: Hero is BU with Q:diamond: , 9:diamond:
      SB posts small blind ($0.05), BB posts big blind ($0.10), Hero raises for $0.20, SB calls, BB folds

      Flop: ($0.50 - 5 bb) Q:heart: , Q:spade: , 7:heart: (2 Players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $0.30, SB raises for $1, Hero calls

      Turn: ($2.50 - 25 bb) 7:club: (2 Players)
      SB bets $1.40, Hero calls

      River: ($5.30 - 53 bb) J:heart: (2 Players)
      SB bets $3.80, Hero raises for $7.70 and is all in, SB calls and is all in, Hero gets uncalled back ($0.10)

      Hello again,

      I'm wondering if there is a better course of action here?

      Push on the river everytime?

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    • kymupa
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      Preflop is fine.
      Is minraising standard for you from BU? Would you minraise with AA here?

      Betting the flop is fine.
      When he raises calling is good. I think our hand is too strong to fold against one raise.

      We make the boat on the turn so calling is fine too.

      I think it's better to just call the river.
      I don't actually see any worse hands calling here, and we might value bet ourselves against QJ/77 here.

    • Festfingre
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      Thanks, next time i'll call.

      Yeah minraise is standard for me here, i would also minraise AA
      since i don't change betsizes preflop based on my hand strength

      Preflop betsizes for me are:
      SB: 2,5 BB
      BTN: 2 BB
      CO: 2,5 BB
      MP: 3 BB
      UTG: 3 BB

      If there are limper(s) i raise 3 BB + 1 BB per limper.

      I used to always raise 3 BB (Even though pokerstrategy recommends 4
      the standard on pokerstars seem to be 3)
      But i've been told varying betsizes based on position is profitable because
      you lose less when steals don't work, and 3 bets against BTN become less

      If there is something off about this (mathwize) i would very much
      like to know, as i one day want to be a mathbased player.

      I like to hear your feedback on this anyway so let me have it :)
    • kymupa
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      Yeah, this is perfectly fine.

      I think betting smaller is good and I bet smaller myself as well.

      I think that if we open 50%+ on the button minraising is fine, and I usually make it 3bb on the CO but if you open like 30% there then 2.5bb is good.

      Of course, when we have some information about the players we can start adjusting our sizings according to this information but against unknowns I think this is fine.