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[NL2-NL10] Just about handhistory...

    • Yordi85
      Joined: 31.01.2009 Posts: 1,248

      Im running some time trough my hh and run some analysis,
      I have some big problems to beat NL10 ZOOM quit a lot actually.
      30BI down the last 30K hands and I was aksing myself some questions.

      I just come in spots where I get coolerd most of the time and my vs villain says I'm a break even player: with minimum 10bb/100 rake you paid on NL10 is where my losses are..

      Now I think to get better what to do I know a bit.
      I just see that my straight draws are not optimum and I loose a lot money because I just don't hit and I think I have equity but I'm way behind against flushes and fullhouses most of the time. I learned a lot these day's.

      Also my setmining lowered to just pocket 8's+ and exploiding my regs in the game. 3bet in position more often with 8bb against 3bb open raising. Look who is the passive guy to just don't cbet flops what I just miss.
      And let the agro tard just do the work when I hit..
      If you see something in my mindstate can you tell me.

      My question is now:

      I find 1 leak: 3bet from MP is to low. 3bet from CO to low.
      How can I fix this and what range should I adopt.

      If villain is a 18% opener from EP (in 6max) with something like 80% ft3bets
      With what range should you profitabel 3bet fold from every position.
      Where can I calculate this or how can I make a calculation?
      The same for 25% and so on...
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    • kymupa
      Joined: 22.10.2009 Posts: 22,364

      First of all I want to say that if you are losing for over 30k hands on the micros then you probably have to change something.
      One thing that you can change is the ZOOM tables - yeah, I know they are addicting but you can't have enough information on them plus even the fish plays tighter.

      Overall, I wouldn't say that not 3betting much from MP and CO against relatively unknown players on ZOOM tables is bad. Basically, you can make money just by 3betting QQ+, AK and this only.

      We know that villain opens 18% from EP (lets say) and folds 80% against a 3bet so we now have to figure out how villain plays this 20% of the times where he isn't folding.
      Is he calling a lot, is he calling a capped range - like JJ/TT and 4betting with QQ+, AK for value and some bluffs, or he only 4bets QQ+, AK here.
      Overall, we need to figure out what will his stacking off range be and does he has any 4bet bluffs at all.
      In theory, the perfect ratio between value and bluff should be 1.5:1.
      So, if the guy is tending to 4bet only QQ+, AK we can just 3bet him with KK+ for value and some bluffs since he is only calling JJ/TT.
      If he tends up to call a lot and don't 4bet at all, I'd just 3bet with QQ+, AK.
      If he tends to 4bet only (not calling) I'd 3bet QQ+, AK for value and some bluffs.
      Overall, against unknowns I wouldn't bluff when they raise from UTG/MP a all.

      So, you have to open equilab, put him some ranges, estimate the fold equity you have and you need and basically "play" with those ranges until things get clear and you can apply those in your game.
      You can search the forum as well for such threads and read what people have said there.

    • Yordi85
      Joined: 31.01.2009 Posts: 1,248
      thanks for the time you put into the writing. It will bring me a lot steps up the next years. I stay at ZOOM because even the fish are tigther. I can play quick and these days the normal tables are not so fishy anymore tho.. Or just full with them....