[NL20-NL50] SH NL50 zoom KK 3bet pot OOP deep River spot

    • dooleslovs
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      PokerStars - $0.50 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      BTN: $86.14
      SB: $70.86
      Hero (BB): $94.30
      UTG: $211.92
      MP: $50.30
      CO: $118.33

      SB posts SB $0.25, Hero posts BB $0.50

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.75) Hero has K:spade: K:heart:

      fold, MP raises to $1.50, fold, BTN calls $1.50, fold, Hero raises to $6.25, MP calls $4.75, BTN calls $4.75

      Flop: ($19.00, 3 players) 3:heart: 5:diamond: 3:diamond:
      Hero bets $10.50, fold, BTN calls $10.50

      Turn: ($40.00, 2 players) 8:club:
      Hero bets $22.00, BTN calls $22.00

      River: ($84.00, 2 players) J:club:
      Hero bets $55.55 and is all-in, BTN calls $47.39

      Vilain 19/16 3% 3bet do you agree with a play?
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    • mbml
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      PF: Squeeze to 7 at the very least. All of you are deep.

      River is kind of a bad card for you but I think you have no choice but to ship and hope for the best.

      He seems kind of nitty, he has 10 combos of boats and quads, 6 combos of QQ and some TT/99 combos which could potentially hero-call (though it seems unlikely when he's so nitty and stacks are deep). But he might 3bet QQ preflop, maybe JJ too. It's just a really bad spot to be in.

      I think QQ here would probably be a check/call or maybe even a check/fold. AA would definitely be a shove since you now beat slowplayed KK which doesn't want to play for stacks when deep.

      Check/folding KK here seems kind of weak though, and Check/calling KK seems foolish when I don't expect him to have too many draws when flop is rather dry besides flush draw. Betting seems to value-cut yourself. I think this is an easy shove at higher limits vs a non-nit when you have aggro image. Here, it is really dependent on your image.

      For such spots with overpairs, we are mostly targetting TT/JJ/QQ when we bet and hope for hero-calls. I didn't really answer your question but hope it gives you something to think about.