WH Retroactively cancelling Tournament Tickets *BEWARE*

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      Hello PS,

      This is a warning to anyone playing on WH. WH can at any time change their terms and conditions for a promotional tournament ticket and render it invalid.

      I had 2 tournament tickets in my account for their Side Games Weekly $1,500 freeroll. The were listed as valid until 2013-03-10 & 2013-03-03. Here is the screenshot:

      When I tried to register for the tournament today though there was a problem. I contacted support and they said both tickets were invalid and had expired. I tried to explain my side citing the expiration dates they had issued THEMSELVES said they were still valid but WH support said they changed the terms and conditions of the program retroactively so that tickets expire 2 weeks after they are issued and mine were no longer active.

      I met the terms and conditions of their program and they shouldn't be able to terminate the ticket because they change their policy AFTER I HAVE ALREADY MET IT! They didn't even inform me that they were doing so or else I would have used them in time.

      It's an underhanded move. Now I'm out money and WH refuses to honor both tickets instead issuing 1 for compensation after spending an hour getting through CS and talking with their supervisor.

      It's as if I bought a $100 gift card for a store and it says it's valid for a year on the back of it. I go back 2 months later trying to use it and find the store doesn't recognize it anymore because their cards are now valid only for 1 month after issue but they are willing to offer $50 in exchange for the problem. This is akin to robbery!

      I don't really care about the money but it's the principle of the matter. Beware guys!
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