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    • Vevusio
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      the poker vid reward system info at the beginning states that you can watch the videos once you registered with the bonus code from pokerstrategy at once of the online poker platforms, otherwise the vids simply break off after a short while

      my question is if you actually need an actual $$ account on (im specifically talking about partypoker) these networks or if you can simply enter the bonus code there and get flagged in one way or another as pokerstrategy.com member

      or if you can simply enter the code and the xy $ or whatnot bonuses you would get as real money account owner simply get reserved or held back until you register a real money account

      im asking this because i only started recently and first want to get like 30+ days of pure playtime and around 500k play money credits with pokerstrategy guides before i actually try with real money and id like to make use of the online vids aswell because reading articles all the time is a little bit dry

      im aware of course that it may differ from network to network so as already mentioned id be interested in partypoker.com's system regarding this matter

      thanks alrdy in advance
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Vevusio,

      There is no shame in practicing a bit with playmoney first - but sadly the member rewards system only accounts for real money accounts.

      This is not a problem however, since you are automatically updated to bronze status once you have passed the quiz. What I would recommend is to simply read the articles - pass the quiz and receiving your starting capital. At Titan Poker for example there is no time limit for you to clear the bonus - and you are under no pressure to actually start playing with your real money.

      That means you can take as much time to there to get accustomed to the Strategy as you want - while still having content to all bronze videos and articles :)

      Best regards,