FTP mobile security key application

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    • Krishjanis
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    • Mark1790
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      The OP asked a reasonable question to which I shall try and give a reasonable answer.
      The answer is any additional security on any account that has any fiscal value
      has got to be worth considering.
      I have been hacked in the past by a key logger so the strength of password
      is irrelevant.
      I have a security key for Stars,Monebookers and I use my mobile for pin protection on Paypal.
      It takes slightly longer to login but I believe its worth it.
      So at Krishjanis even if someone knew your password with a pin it would actually protect your stupid face :D
    • nabokow
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      few months back, when I asked support about this mobile sec application, they told me it was not available at the moment, although they had it in shop.
    • Vygantas82
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      If you use computer for online banking and similar stuff i suggest to use Zemana AntiLogger. There is free and payed versions, depends from your needs. You can use it along with most antiviruses and it will not slow down system.