question about ICM trainer

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      I was doing some stuffs in ICM trainer and watching how the range is changing according the stacks of the player so I was wondering if I am doing it correct. so everyone have 2600 chips the blinds are 100, 200 so everyone have 13 bb (I take 13 because as I know push of fold phase is starting somewgere around the 13 bb), I take ante 10 and calculate result here.

      so according to it, when I am UTG I have to push JTs, 66, KTs, and so on. so I thing it,sexaggerated and what do you think? also it says that small blind is pushing 74s (13 bb) am I doing everything correctly?
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    • Asaban
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      You were building up a sick ICM situation. In this situation, where every player has the same amount of chips, the bubble factor is extremely high. Therefore other players will have to fold nearly every hand against a first in push.

      I would recommend working with different stack sizes to create realistic scenarios.

      If you have any further questions feel free to ask!