Getting money shipped into account?

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      Ok, so I've got a weird "problem". I've started to play at 24hPoker, and somehow it feels to me that both the cards and software is rigged to my advance :s_biggrin:

      My balance is higher than what I believe it should be. HM2 tells me that im +13bi over the last 6k hands, while the cashier shows a profit on +19bi. So, at first I just thought HM2 missed some hands for some reason.

      However, I just played a session when my balance instantly went up 20€, even though I wasn't invovled in any big pot. Sometimes the balance gets delayed if you're closing tables, but I hadn't done that for quite some time and besides, I just don't see how I could have won 20€ in this session.

      So, basically.. I suspect that I've got money in my cashier that I havnt earned. I guess I could go on live life enjoying the fact that I've somehow managed to rig the software, but I'm getting worried that I'll get in trouble if I don't report this and straighten things out.
      The only logical explanation to this is that I've got some bonus which automatically gets shipped into my account. However, I can't find anything that suggests this in the transaction history. Also, a bonus equivalent to 100% rakeback doesn't make much sense.

      So, I'll guess I have to contact support after all, even though it would suck badly if they correct my balance. Can I really trust the support here? Whether every penny is rightfully mine or not, do they have the right to simply reduce my balance?

      Can't be certain that I havn't earned all this money, but it certainly doesn't feel like it. Has anyone had a problem similar to this?
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