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Supernova micro challenge

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Due to various reasons I had to cash out a significant part of my bankroll and lost a fair deal of the one that remained.

      This made me re-think some of my strategies, and also led to the Supernova Micro Challenge. The primary goal is to get from scratch to the equivalent of £1000, by playing $1,5 6max and 9max hyper turboes. Perhaps I will add the $3,50 ones later on.

      The challenge is to get to the goal by the end of March this year, so I could move up and collect the required 6500 vpp's to keep my Supernova status.

      Have been doing those for a fair deal of this month - just did not create a blog until now.

      This is what my graph looks thus far, after 655 games.

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    • dydukas
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 1,275

      What have you been playing before to get Supernova?
    • palante88
      Joined: 22.02.2008 Posts: 386
      Following too !!

      GL ! 9max hyper in general are really really soft !
    • vuciitis
      Joined: 19.02.2011 Posts: 1,324
      good luck sir, will be following :)
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      hey Styr

      welcome to our blogging section and good luck!

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Thank you. :) I will try to update this on a daily basis - unless I am away, of course and not playing as a result.

      Did grind some fifty50'es - up to the $30 buy in levels, with a terrible track record - I either just don't have a slightest idea how to win them on a regular basis, or am just having bad luck... constantly.

      I then switched to 6max Hyper turboes - mostly the $7 and $15 ones. Did do fairly well at those... until I got to a pornswing... or was it called a downswing? Well, I got one of those. It was then I decided to go for 9max. They do fill up at a slower pace, but still fast enough to make 15 tableing possible - I could never do that with the 6max tables. :D As an added benefit, the 9max are soft indeed. Now, I would actually prefer if the average IQ of the 9max fish would be slightly higher - most of them simply do not seem to be aware of the existence of a "fold" button. :)

      I will try to remember to post some of the most hilarious hands, and the way the fishes play them. :)

      Now to the results.


      -$9,42 over 27 6max games.
      +$7,64 over 95 9max games.

      Update for today:

      +$40,20 over 95 9max games.
    • husky333
      Joined: 06.03.2013 Posts: 1,364
      Jak si vedes? ;)