[NL2-NL10] NL10 SH - TPMK x Donk

    • Tosh5457
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      $0.05/$0.1 No Limit Holdem
      4 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      CO Shtorm666 ($2.76)
      BTN sLARt45 ($9.49)
      SB Hero ($11.85)
      BB djbo89 ($8.72)

      Pre-flop: ($0.15, 4 players) Hero is SB
      [color:#B93238]Shtorm666 calls $0.10[/color], 1 fold, [color:#B93238]Hero calls $0.05[/color], djbo89 checks

      Flop: ($0.30, 3 players)
      [color:#272BA6]Hero bets $0.20[/color], 1 fold, [color:#272BA6]Shtorm666 raises to $0.40[/color], [color:#B93238]Hero calls $0.20[/color]

      Turn: ($1.10, 2 players)
      [color:#272BA6]Hero bets $0.10[/color], [color:#272BA6]Shtorm666 raises to $0.70[/color], [color:#B93238]Hero calls $0.60[/color]

      River: ($2.50, 2 players)
      [color:#272BA6]Hero bets $1[/color], [color:#B93238]Shtorm666 calls $1[/color]

      Final Pot: $4.50

      Stats: 47/2.5/1.2/46 (vpip/pfr/af/wts) on 119 hands

      Again, I think I should raise preflop with JT+ here...

      Since he's an agressive player and I believe me and him got some past which I don't remember I insta-call his miniraise.

      On the turn I misclick and minibet (X( ), but I wanted to bet like $0.80.

      On the river I do a blocking bet, although I still believe I may have the best hand (although he probably wouldn't raise pf with QJ, QK and AQ).

      What do you think?
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    • Marky84
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      i'd raise preflop to punish this super weak limp, as played i 3-bet flop and prolly go broke here... it sucks to lead out without initiative

      btw with 47/2.5/1.2 he's loose passive
    • Philipvw
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      As you said, raise pf. Tp in a limped pot means i would bet the flop. Here you get some resistance in a limped pot with tp. Because it's a minraise i have a tendency to call, certainly if you have reads on him. I think it's a good idea to bet/fold the turn.
    • Kaitz20
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      Both raising/calling or folding pre-flop are fine. Depends how good do you play postflop multiway pot oop.
      I´d c/c turn. if he has weaker Q or worse then you´re way ahead
      And if he has QJ or better then you are probably way behind
      You can call turn and see what he does on the river.