[NL2-NL10] [Sh] Nl5 Kk 30-01-13 (speed)

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      IPoker, $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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      BB: $0.95 (19 bb)
      UTG: $3.08 (61.6 bb)
      MP: $1.85 (37 bb)
      CO: $13.32 (266.4 bb)
      BTN: $4.04 (80.8 bb)
      Hero (SB): $5.39 (107.8 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with K K
      UTG raises to $0.10, 3 folds, Hero raises to $0.35, BB calls $0.30, UTG calls $0.25

      Flop: ($1.05) A 9 3 (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB bets $0.10, UTG calls $0.10, Hero calls $0.10

      Turn: ($1.35) 4 (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB bets $0.10, UTG raises to $0.30, Hero folds, BB calls $0.20

      River: ($1.95) 2 (2 players)
      BB bets $0.20 and is all-in, UTG calls $0.20

      how does this look?

      I think I'm ahead of both villains preflop

      I think this was the worst card that could hit here, decide to give up, however they both call such a small raise, I decided to call once an reevaluate turn.
      Should I just give up right here on the flop, or calling once to this bet fine, can't win anything from BB, and I'm mostlikely behind one of these in a multiway.

      Decided to give up, no way I can hit my few 2 outs here anyways, and only left with a bluff catcher.


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    • mbml
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      No way I am ever folding the Flop, when they bet so small. We could definitely have the best hand some small % of the time, and we also have 2 outs to hit a set.

      I think turn fold is fine but stack sizes are getting really awkward and we are stuck with a weird short stack dynamic.