[NL2-NL10] NL10 JJ x A8s

    • GothMetal
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      Btw, I was CO in this frustrating situation :-P

      NL10, 10 players

      Stack sizes:
      UTG: $1.95
      UTG+1: $1.70
      UTG+2: $14.40
      MP1: $2.40
      MP2: $4.47
      MP3: $3.81
      CO: $10.60
      Button: $13.64
      SB: $6.72
      BB: $0.64

      Pre-flop: (10 players)
      UTG folds, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 folds, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, MP3 calls, CO raises to $0.8, Button calls, SB calls, BB calls all-in $0.54, 4 folds.

      Flop: Q 4 3 ($3.44, 3 players + 1 all-in - Main pot: $2.96, Sidepot 1: $0.48)
      SB checks, CO checks, Button bets $2, SB folds, CO raises to $4, Button raises all-in $10.84, CO calls all-in $5.8.
      Uncalled bets: $1.04 returned to Button.

      Turn: 5 ($23.04, 0 player + 3 all-in - Main pot: $2.96, Sidepot 1: $20.08)

      River: 2 ($23.04, 0 player + 3 all-in - Main pot: $2.96, Sidepot 1: $20.08)

      Final pot: $23.04
      Button shows 8 A
      BB shows 2 K
      CO shows J J
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    • Faye6891
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      I'd lead out on the flop. You showed strength PF and shouldn't be afraid because one overcard fell on the board. Also, you can still extract value from straight and flush draws.
      If you're going for a check/raise don't make it a min-raise, given the size of the pot, just push it. But I don't see how you can extract value from anyone by check/raising, you're probably only going to get called by stronger hands.
      As played, you put yourself in such a difficult situation, you're getting nice odds to call but you're behind quite often, I think I'd fold and wait for a better spot to put money in the middle.

      P.S.: You shouldn't post results. ;)
    • TribunCaesar
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      Either bet/fold the flop or c/f. Sometimes you have the best hand and sometimes not. I am not investing a whole stack in this spot.