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If you're going through hell, keep going... in English.

    • 00471
      Joined: 30.03.2011 Posts: 2,590
      I come from the Polish community and this blog is only to document my progress in the light of working on the basis of the framework presented by Raskolnikov in his Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest series. I admire the job that he does and subscribe to a sh*tload of ideas that he presents in his videos. I already have a blog that's a few months old, regularly updated, in Polish.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: Background :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      I started playing poker a few weeks before Black Friday thanks to the starting funds. I just started to win back the money that I lost on the very beginning before it happened, so I lost all of my bankroll (~52$) and stopped playing for a couple of months due to a lack of motivation.

      Near the end of the year I contemplated on picking up PLO, but ended up binning that idea. I started playing seriously in April 2012 and since then became a winning regular on NL25 SH. I'm after my first failed NL50 shot with a very aggro BR managment (30 BI). That was about 20 days ago. At this very moment I've got ~35BI for NL50 but I'll most likely stick to NL25 until the end of February due to mindset reasons. I just feel a strong need for a little sense of security.

      I was a news writer for the Polish PokerStrategy section but quit the job. It was great but I wanted to focus 100% percent of my attention on poker. I do consider working with in the future. The administrators are a bunch of great people and I think I am perfectly qualified for many remote jobs due to my background before poker (mainly in e-sports and writing).

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: My aims :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      My primary aim is to become a full-time poker professional until the end of September 2013. In Poland you can grind NL50 with a ~6bb/100 winrate and make more than a decend living, but I'm striving for much more. I do not plan to update this blog often, but regularly - yes. Maybe Gordon will in fact one day honour me with a post. After all, he is the reason to write this stuff.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: My weaknesses :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      My biggest weaknesses (that I am aware of) as of now are:
      • Quality of learning
        Right now I'm working on poker more than ever. I do believe I have a problem with quality work and not with its amount. I do happen to start a session when I had learning planned. I'm sometimes too lazy to make notes from movies. Things of that sort.

      • Mindset
        Although usually very strong, I do have problems with fear when playing a session. I work with that by making breathing exercises and they work to a large extent. I am currently reading my first book on the subject. I plan to start relaxation exercises in the near future (when I finish the book and adapt some ideas from it). I sometimes spazz ~50bb spots when I run bad, which I haven't even noticed until a recent session with a friend of mine, one of the best NL FR Polish players, who recently moved to SH.

      • Being... afraid?
        Maybe I just don't simply believe in myself. I feel that I have to prove things, since I never lived up to my own standards.

      I want to solve these problems.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: Private life :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      I am 25 YO (but my birthday is coming soon), engaged, live with my fiancée, I am working full-time. I'm often able to play and learn at work. I also started extramural IT studies and working out last summer. Theoretically, with work, school, my girl, and working out, I should have little time for poker. Thanks to my working conditions that is not the case. However, I hope not to get sacked soon due to the financial crisis in Europe and unfortunately that's probable. I earn a decent living but nothing spectacular and, as stated earlier, I strive for much more.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: Work :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      The way that I plan to work in the upcoming months is:
      - making notes from videos and reading old ones,
      - working with equilab 20-60 mins after every single day of playing,
      - trying to implement the framework introduced by Gordon in his movies,
      - working out regularly,
      - eating healthy,
      - introducing more advanced breathing and relaxation techniques,
      - occasionally coach PS community members that play microstakes (I would like to become a coach one day and can use the practice).

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: Homework :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      I've watched two first videos from the series. As for the Homework from the first part:
      1. I already commented the movie =)
      2. That's the blog that I'm starting.
      3. Watching "Saw" is bullshit. That's one of the things that I don't believe Gordon =) I'm a movie freak, watched "Saw" a long time ago, and it really doesn't do it for me. Especially since it's a shit movie. Maybe some people need to be assured about how much strength they have, but I'm not in any need of it. At least not at the moment.

      Second part homework:
      1. I'm trying to be brutally honest with myself. I am a winning regular on NL25 but I do not know how would it be on NL50. I'll post my graph from the last month soon, since I'm at work now at a different place than usual.
      2. Count of Monte Christo movie -> to do.
      3. Make a list of people you spend time with. Sort them. Well, that's pretty easy.

      Since I'm so much into poker since April and started working for PS in October (left the job ~2,5 months later) with even more effort put into poker, I seriously rarely go out. I think that once every two weeks on average would be pretty accurate. My fiancée is on her toughest year at her uni and I decided to dedicate most of my strengths to poker in order to become a pro in the upcoming months. I really don't have many friends at this very moment. So, my better half (do you use that phrase in English btw? :) ) and our cat are basically the only living beings that I spend time with regularly. I do think that my life is pretty well balanced nonetheless. I plan to go out much more often (1-2 a week) when I achieve my goals.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: I don't know how to call this part :P :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      Small disclaimer - sorry for all the spelling and stylistic errors. I really don't have the time and desire to compose a beautiful, ideal post. I think that's not the most important thing now :)

      I really appreciate comments, tips, and critique, so thank you in advance for any of that!
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    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      hey 00471

      For a start welcome to our blogging section. This looks like a great blog, I like the format, it makes for a easy read and despite what you said, I think this is a beautiful, ideal post. I also have the problem of being honest with myself. Anyway good luck with everything!!


    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hello 00471!

      nice OP. i'm the same when it comes to the self-confidence thing while playing. im starting to see more and more how it's affecting my game and i just need to learn to trust myself a bit more lol! i'll definitely be reading this blog and looking forward to seeing how you get on with your goals. i'm just moving up to nl25/nl20 myself and seem to keep having really bad transitions (most likely a confidence thing :rolleyes: ) so it will be good to see you post some hands for discussion!

    • Pkrpains
      Joined: 04.10.2010 Posts: 382
      Wow man. We have a lot in common. I also play NL20, struggle to finally settle in NL50, and have similar problems. Do you want a a guy to speak about poker, sweat each other? I think we could push one another quite nicely. If yes, just give me a word.
    • 00471
      Joined: 30.03.2011 Posts: 2,590
      Thanks for the answers ;)

      As I said before, I won't be a prolific writer in the English section but I will post regularly. I plan to do this 2-3 times a month, one time a month at the extreme very least (ie. if I won't get any answers at all.)

      Originally posted by Pkrpains
      Wow man. We have a lot in common. I also play NL20, struggle to finally settle in NL50, and have similar problems. Do you want a a guy to speak about poker, sweat each other? I think we could push one another quite nicely. If yes, just give me a word.
      Unfortunately not. Since the beginning of my poker adventure, I've been leading a learning group for a brief period of time. It didn't went very well because most of the time that I learn or play is at work, where I'm unable to talk to people via Skype. The offer is much appreciated, though, I really enjoy sharing experiences. Maybe one day we will join forces but that will be no sooner than I change jobs or become a pro ;)

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: BIRTHDAY! :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      I'm on a short break right now. During the first eight days of February I was b/e and then had an intense weekend of partying due to the ending of an exam session of my fiancée and my birthday, which are technically... today ;) A first break like that since Christmas. Felt really good.

      At the moment I'm reorganising a few things in my game, reading a crapload of old notes and trying to fix my red line. I recently watched a lot of material from and other sources about blinds play and I plan to introduce it in my game during the upcoming days. I hope to make at least some profit until the end of February, since I wanted to make a second shot at NL50 in March.

      So, basically, my birthday looked like that:
      - making my girl breakfast (she had apprenticeship early in the morning,)
      - going back to sleep,
      - waking up, working out,
      - going to work,
      - reading notes, calculating ranges,
      - responding to wishes via FB and SMS from people, who I've suspected to be long dead,
      - getting depressed about not being able to quit coffee, since I can't get myself to make a timetable for that (probably will handle that at the end of February),
      - writing this note.

      Quite a birthday.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: My game :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      I firmly believe that my two biggest flaws at the moment are:
      - blinds play, and
      - hand reading.

      The first I think I can work on with the help of learning material and the second one is just working with equilab, making slow but steady progress. I think I'm on the right track.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: Anything else? :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:

      Still didn't get myself to watch Count of Monte Christo. F*ck me.