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playing AK

    • windar021
      Joined: 01.09.2012 Posts: 452
      Hi guys I play 5NL SH and having a little prob playing AK pre, with loose player like a reg who has 21/18 stats something I can play my AK preflop pretty well.. But Im not sure what to do w my AK If Im facing someone who has 9/6 stats.. Just like this morning I was playing and saw someone(9/6) raising UTG I have AK @ the BU and not sure if I should raise or flat and see what the flop will bring which I think is a bit costly to cold call then fold flop in this situation.. If I raise I think I`ll be bluffing bec when I check stove Im getting this equity..
      I put his UTG raise ti 6% which is I guess a bit wider bec he could just open 4% of his range UTG..
      and I got..
      Text results appended to pokerstove.txt
      1,561,621,248 games 0.001 secs 1,561,621,248,000 games/sec

      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 51.822% 43.87% 07.95% 685113492 124143942.00 { 88+, ATs+, KQs, AKo }
      Hand 1: 48.178% 40.23% 07.95% 628219872 124143942.00 { AKs, AKo }

      So Im still behind here.. or should I just fold
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    • Erevos
      Joined: 09.01.2011 Posts: 129
      1)If you are not sure whether to cold call or raise ----> call.
      (there is no folding with AK facing a single raise)
      2) You have position in this case.
      3) Don 't just look equity in this static way. It is not a shove!!!
      4) If you miss and he bets, there is no problem folding on the flop. He may also bluff when you have hit your hand etc...
    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Why is folding not an option? If he really is opening only 4% (99+ and AK) then folding AK is far batter then calling. There just isn't a single hand in his range that your ahead of.

      Your losing a ton of money when you flop a K and are up vs KK or AA and you pretty much get no value from 99-KK when an A flops. Pretty much the only time you get a ton of action against this range on an A high flop is when he has the same hand or a set. With your plan you also lose every time he has AK and decides to c-bet when you both miss.

      You say he might bluff when you hit your hand. What hands in his PFR range is he going to bluff with? His so nitty that he always has at least a pair and doesn't need to bluff. Its not like this kind of nit turns JJ into a 3barrel bluff on an A high flop.

      3bet is a far better option. If hes really nitty and he is only going to 4bet AA and KK and won't flat oop then his folding 80% of the time.

      So depending on the player its either a 3bet (as a bluff) or a fold. Even if AK is a really strong hand in general, in this case against such a nitty range its not good enough to flat with, so its either a 3bet bluff or a fold.
    • windar021
      Joined: 01.09.2012 Posts: 452
      I guess I would agree w Erevos if its just small sample size around 100 or 200 maybe bec I can still include some bluffs in his range.. but if its a big sample size I would def consider folding here since calling and folding flop will mostly be costly and I think MatejM47 is correct.. theres no single hand in his range that I am ahead of.. Thanks for the input guys.. To be honest Im not a fan of calling w AK pre.. rather fold it if I cant raise it..
    • elliotmack
      Joined: 01.06.2012 Posts: 51
      I agree with matej. If a nit UTG opens with a raise and he's so nitty AK is seriously under a lot of tough decisions you can't just call because you hit your A or your K against a range of 20% your either going to take the pot down when he checks and you bet or your going to be behind ALOT.
      Much better to 3bett pre to try induce a fold. If your up with resistance it's time to muck this hand.
    • x3mwisp
      Joined: 31.03.2009 Posts: 3,604
      Why is this thread in learning to win section?
      Maybe change the section to emotions/psychology win rather than just learning to win.
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,031
      Moved to the relevant board :)
    • bmfbpi
      Joined: 16.09.2008 Posts: 590
      well if he has a 4% utg pfr, then 3betting is certainly a good option(as a bluff). If you have 72o in this same spot it's the same thing vs this guy.
      The thing is if he has a weak post-flop game(for ex high flop cbet, low turn cbet, high fold2turn bet), then you can also call, with the plan of floating the flop with the intention of betting the turn if he checks.

      Also, because you have AK, there are less combos of AK, AA and KK he could have (15 combos instead of 28 - half of combos removed) and 18 combos of TT-QQ, making his range slightly more geared toward TT-QQ, but only slightly.

      not that experienced yet with EV calculations, but could someone more experienced calculate the EV of 3betting this guy, assuimg he only 4bets KK and AA ? But what if we add that he also calls QQ. How do we calculate the EV then ?

      i think an EV calculation would add a lot of meaning to this thread