why i don't get stratetypoints ????

    • liosteas
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      hi guys!

      I have regired in PokerStrategy 1 month ago almost and I havent got any
      strategy point wet.why this?
      I'm playing every day in pokerstars.
      I read that u can get strategy points just playing poker with real money in your partner's room.And Pokerstars is 1 of them as I checked.
      There is anything that I havent understood properly?
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      Hey liosteas,

      There may be a variety of reasons for this but the best thing to do is to contact PokerStars support and ask them if your account is tracked to PokerStrategy.com

      Let me know what they say and we can go from there :)

      Best regards,
    • RasTweet
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      Hey liosteas!

      Have you first registered to PokerStrategy.com and then created an account on PokerStars following the instructions? Or did you have an account on Stars already?

      If you had an account before you're most likely not tracked to PokerStrategy.com and then that will be the reason for not receiving strategypoints.

      But don't worry if this is the case! We have plenty of poker rooms where you can play tracked!

      If this is not the case and you created an account following our instructions then tell us and we'll help you further.