Withdrawal via Moneybookers

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      Well, since neither Online nor E-mail Support reacts to my question for whatever reason, I guess I'll have to ask here. :rolleyes:

      I've got some money on Titan Poker which I would like to withdraw via Moneybookers, as the idiots at NETELLER pissed me off way too many times already. So I made a deposit via MB which was accepted immediately.

      Now when it comes to withdrawing though, I'm a bit puzzled. In the Titan Cashier I'm asked for an "Account ID". I just want to make sure: Is that my "Customer ID" I have on Moneybookers? Or what kind of Account ID is that supposed to be? When I entered "123" for testing purposes, I didn't get any error messages, so I'm wondering where the money would be sent to then. After all, I wouldn't want to send my hard-earned money to some unknown person and never see it again.

      And what would happen if I entered a wrong number? Would my money then be sent to someone else? The 123 test made me a bit wary...

      So if some of you confirm that the "Account ID" Titan asks for is indeed the "Customer ID" on Moneybookers, I'd really appreciate it. :)
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