Server Disconnections

    • Malkey57RNMD
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      I am a regular player at small stake Tallin SNG's. Recently, there have been frequent disconnections which can last the full game and effectively shut the game down.

      I report the situation to online help and follow up with a written e mail. The already painful procedure is for them to investigate via their network specialists. Usually this results in a refund of entry fee and rake irrespective of state of game.

      Becoming frustrated I asked Online help if they would make a gesture of goodwill to retain my business. They added £10 and said they would investigate the incident. The advisor had already confirmed that many customers were already complaining at the same time about the server breakdown.

      On chasing the incident up, they now claim that there were no server problems for that game and will not refund! My transaction history stills shows I wasn't placed in that game indicating it was not completed.

      Are other people suffering the same appalling response? If not resolved,I intend to leave WH. It is only a small amount but it is a matter of principle.

      How can these things be escalated within WH?

      I certainly wouldn't play any high stakes games on WH due to the unreliabilty of the software. Worse still when they don't accept clear evidence of software failure.
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      Hey Malkey57RNMD,

      I've never seen an issue where they accept the blame, offer a payout and then take it back. I can't speak for anyone else though.

      Let us know what happens next

    • MasochisticDesire
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      Hi Mal.

      I have experienced similar (though less severe) situations at WH yesterday.
      Twice within 12hrs the software just froze while I was in a hand playing NLH Speed.
      Thankfully they were both standard button opens with both blinds folding in both instances and a while after closing the tables the money was credited to my account.
      Second time I thought it was worth contacting support however. After reporting that their software hold frozen on me twice within a relatively short space of time they faffed arround for ten minutes and then responded;
      'We are not currently experiencing any difficulties with our service.' :f_confused:

      As long as it does not become too regular an occurence I am happy at WH despite a customer service team with cotton wool in their ears.

    • Malkey57RNMD
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      Thanks for the interest guys.

      After several denials, I kept pushing because my transaction history shows a N/A (not available) status for the game in question. Each time I questioned this I received blanket responses saying no network problems. I know there was as I tried throughout the next twenty minutes rebooting my computer and reloading the software.

      They now claim that I was placed second in the game ! That may or may not be correct, as I can't verify it. The last hand that shows does show me in second place out of seven a few chips behind the leader.

      The likely way that I could remain second was that the game terminated and blinded the rest of it out. Other possibilities are remote.

      So in the final analysis, I may have done ok but still feel that the true story is missing.

      The frustration is that the online help team can't verify that your game is affected at the time.

      In the meantime, I have opened a 888 account and have played a few games and doing ok there. The danger of poor customer service in evidence.