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How to win a freeroll?

    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      Hello everyone,

      For the few who may remember me, I'm the guy who blundered away his $50 starting capital by playing like a donk. But now I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and put that experience to good use to rebuild my bankroll. I've read up on SNG and tournament play and decided to give it another shot.

      Right now I'm participating in freerolls, both on Titan and Full Tilt, but it's very hard to cash in, let alone win the tournament. Almost every time when I'm in the late stages, I put my chips in with a good hand and get drawn out on. If it's not against one player, it's against the next.

      I've noticed people there get to 4-5 times their original stack in the first 10 minutes of a tournament, and some players just sit out the whole time and still end up getting farther than me.

      Any tips on how to play correctly in a freeroll? Thanks in advance.
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    • Deflowerer
      Joined: 12.05.2008 Posts: 174
      I won over 80 free rolls.
      I'll just say what I did...At the beginning people go insane with all in bets.w8 for a strong hand and hit.Than lay low and w8 again.
      After that when blinds go insane it's a matter of luck (sometimes skill).
    • Semesa
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 294
      ive come 2nd in the weekly depositors free roll, as well as winning countless live tournament free rolls.
      as said before... in the beggining, people go crazy with all ins.

      more then half the time they are playing marginal hands(JT, KJ, etc etc) hoping to double up early.

      do not get caught in the rush of doing this.

      play extra ordinarily tight in the early stages... as in, SSS tight.

      when the all in's settle down, use your skill to win you pots before the show down. or if you are ahead, value bet your hands for maximum return.

      in most of the free rolls i have won, i havnt had to start pushing all in until the final table. get a decent chip stack and keep it.

      if you find yourself chip leader on your table, or 2nd chip leader, put pressure on the average stacks, but not the small stacks.

      average stacks still think they have a chance of making the money by just riding the blinds, easy pickings for steals.
      small stacks realise they will need to double up before they have a shot so they are more likely to cal you.

      at the same time, play tight as a big stack, loose as a small stack.
    • Cagey75
      Joined: 22.07.2008 Posts: 96
      I've won and placed in a lot of free rolls, best result was winning a $1000 R/A MTT on Boylesports poker a few weeks back.

      I mostly play a little looser in the early rounds as blinds are cheap allowing you to call more often. The idea being to see many flops, if I hit, then I'll raise, you'll always find callers in free rolls, this can be a good or a bad thing depending on your hand. I'll only entertain All ins with really strong hands on the flop at least, only AA, KK or AKs and QQ would tempt me pre-flop.

      In the mid stages, hopefully after building a nice stack, I'll tighten up as I find a lot of players get fed up before the second break on lower stacks and the all in brigade are out again.

      Outside the Money stages then I'll loosen up a bit, providing I have the chips, as you'll get low stacks desperately trying to hang on for the money and will only ever call the strongest of hands, steal blinds when you can, it's easier lay down after raising when you have a good stack, but at the same time don't go calling everything just because you got chips, they won't last too long if you get too loose at the wrong times. Play position.
    • Tosh5457
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 3,062
      I play like a usual MTT, tight on the begginning, and loosening up when players get tight (the bad players get really tight before the bubble, on the bubble and after the bubble too. they get really tight with a bigstack too, which is wrong imo). There's almost no poker on freerolls, you see a lot of pointless all-ins and stupid bluffs, but the good players can get in a good position.