Opening 3BB or 4BB with a tight range?

    • Raknyo
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      I've turned too LAG for my liking, so am going back to basics and pre-flop, I'm going to just use Minimum table short-handed:

      I'm going to solely use this range until I get a solid approach on value-betting post-flop, then I'll start to open up a bit pre-flop, and learn how to bluff more post-flop.

      Since I'm opening a tight range (I'll be playing Zoom), should I be opening to 4BB since my range is so strong or should I bet to 3BB so people don't think I'm so strong?

      I'm playing NL2 Zoom, will most people there even react much different if I O/R to 4BB instead of 4BB?
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      At NL2 I'd say that if they're calling $0.06, they're probably calling $0.08.

      You could always meet in the middle at $0.07 too :P

      I'd probably just play for a few hours and get a feel for what the standard raises are, see what's getting through and what players are calling. You could also raise 4BB from UTG and drop it down to 3BB in later posistions, but overall, both options wouldn't be a problem imo.
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Raknyo!

      If you can even try to be VERY unbalanced. Just open big hands bigger and less hands less :D tbh ppl on nl2 won't notice that.

      I don't know about opening 4bb. These days ppl don't open 4bb as much as 2 years back or so. Just weird :D But if you are playing tight you want to build up the pot rather fast! Hmm maybe like MD said open to 3,5 :D


    • Raknyo
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      For ease, I think I'll just go with the compromise, 3.5BB it is! :)

      Thanks for the idea!
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      Hey guys,

      I'm just moving this to the No Limit board where it fits perfectly :)

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