Quit the 9 mans?

    • p0kerQT
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      Since official poker rankings updated for fulltilt players to see how they do in single table sng's I've just realised that I'm a losing player in 9 mans, I did have a massive 20 buyin downswing the last time I played properly but -5% roi n 33% itm after 200 games IS pretty awful, so should I quit the 9 mans as it seems unprofitable, or try to work on my game a bit more (or both lol).

      Heres my stats displayin results for each field size.

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    • ManniXXX
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      Originally posted by p0kerQT
      -5% roi n 33% itm after 200 games IS pretty awful
      It's actually pretty meaningless. I'd be more concerned if it were something like -40% after so little games but such a small percentage +/- is not relevant with such a small sample size.

      Your sharkscope graph is probably a better indication as you can identify trends, ie, consisently losing or break even and then a downswing. But the sample size is still too small to draw conclusion really.