I already submitted a ticket but I would like to know if any of the Admins got experience with this:

I activated my Vacation Mode on PartyPoker in order to avoid losing a level from Queen 3 to Queen 2. I did not get any weekly goal nor reward points but my Standard PartyPoints I still receieved in order to release my $100 bonus in 4 slabs.

However the minimum amount of days I can put my account on vacation is 14 days.
14th of July -> I activated my vacation mode
20th of July -> I returned from Spain (10 days)
21st of July -> Played a 2h session worth of 50 StrategyPoints
22nd of July -> Played a 4h session worth of 75~ StrategyPoints

28th of July is the end of my vacation mode.

At this moment, I only received 4 StrategyPoints from my plays on Titan poker. I received none of PartyPoker.

I know I have to deal with this via Support but I like to know if anyone of the Admins or Moderators got experience with this.