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    • anti5ive
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      :D :D hi im from the uk played a bit of playmoney games only.. game for me at the mo is no limit holdem when i get better could expand to other games willing to learn. i suppose im getting on a bit to start learning compared to the young guns out there.
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    • shloogy
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      welcome aboard looking forward to see u on forumus
    • Velak
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      G'day anti5ive

      Not all of us are 18 anymore.. I know how you feel! But you're still welcome here at PokerStrategy!

      In case you haven't found them yet, I'll give you some links here that you might find useful. You can read up on the strategy articles for the type of poker you like to play, and as you move up in the rankings (by getting strategy points, from playing poker) you'll have access to even more articles. There's a wealth of information here.

      You'll can also check out the videos and attend coachings which are very useful in helping to improve your game. I try to attend coaching pretty much every week, if I can.

      Don't be afraid to post on the forums with questions, or to discuss problem hands you've had. You can post hand histories, and get advice on what would have been the best way to play them.

      Once again, welcome to the forums, and good skill to you!