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Leakbuster Review

    • sam0122
      Joined: 04.02.2013 Posts: 1
      I've been trying out the demo version of Leakbuster and think that it's pretty dodgy software at best. For example, it suggests the following for my 6-player cash games:

      Under the heading "Somewhat Important"

      "Your VPIP% is too low. While you want to limit the hands you're playing out of position, not playing enough is also very costly."

      Under the heading "Needs Attention"

      "Your VPIP% is too high. You don't want to play too many hands out of position."

      Huh? I found that Leakbuster is prone to these sort of contradictory statements throughout.

      Anybody else experience this?
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    • ProfitsofDoom
      Joined: 29.08.2012 Posts: 177
      What kind of sample size do you have? It does recommend a sample of 50k hands for more accuracy. I have Leakbuster for both HM2 and PT, and have gotten a ton of use out of it, but i know the trial version is pretty limited.

      I know they have been releasing some updates also, and just from reading the forums that whenever PT or HM release updates it can throw things out of whack.

      But thinking about the advice it gave you, not sure if it is in reference to the SB/BB. but i guess conceivably, it could be saying you are folding too much in SB for instance, and playing too many hands in the BB. In the full version it goes into much more detail on all these stats, etc.