Go Pro: 30% Discount When You Upgrade to Hold'em/Omaha Manager 2 Pro

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      30% Discount for PokerStrategy.com Members

      Hold'em Manager 2 Small Stakes to Hold'em Manager 2 Pro:
      $27.99 for PokerStrategy.com members!

      Omaha Manager 2 Small Stakes to Omaha Manager 2 Pro:
      $27.99 for PokerStrategy.com members!

      HM2/OM2 Combo Small Stakes to HM2/OM2 Combo Pro:
      $41.99 for PokerStrategy.com members!


      The Small Stakes version tracks all Hold'em or Omaha hands up to $0.25/$0.50 No Limit/Pot Limit and $0.50/$1 Fixed Limit as well as Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments up to $22 buy-in. The Pro version tracks hands from all limits. Please note this promotion is available exclusively to PokerStrategy.com members who have purchased Small Stakes via PokerStrategy.com.

      Claim your discount

      PokerStrategy.com members who purchased Hold'em Manager 2 Small Stakes via PokerStrategy.com can claim a discount of 30% when upgrading their Small Stakes Hold'em Manager 2 software to the unrestricted Pro version.

      This discount is in effect until February 18, 2013.

      Here's how you get your discount:

      1. Click here to be redirected to the Hold'em Manager 2 discount page.

      2. The discount price is available only for those purchasing via the link above.

      3. Select the product you wish to upgrade

      4. Enter your license key in order to check out and claim your discount.

      Don't have Small Stakes?

      If you're new to Hold'em Manager 2 but want to get started using the software, then purchasing Hold'em Manager 2 or Omaha Manager 2 Small Stakes via our link and then upgrading to Pro via this promotion still nets you a tidy saving of $12 compared to the regular price of the Pro software.

      About Hold'em Manager 2

      Hold'em Manager 2 is one of the most powerful tracking and HUD (heads-up display) software available for online poker players.

      Hold'em Manager 2 or Omaha Manager 2 will import your hand history files in real time as you play (on all Hold'em or Omaha cash/tournament tables) and store them in a database.
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