is money safe?

    • Phgrinder
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      how safe is our money on 24Hour poker / Microgaming? i read somewhere that once a skin on microgaming closes down the money is gone also.

      purple lounge / carlospoker / eurolinx and many more.
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    • Alan883
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      I think we are the highest threat to our money :f_biggrin:
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      Originally posted by Alan883
      I think we are the highest threat to our money :f_biggrin:
      This :)

      Obviously no one can guarantee anything 100% phgrinder and when you put your money on any poker site it may be at risk. We all know about Black Friday at this stage and it's effects.

      The only way to protect yourself is to keep a minimal amount of money at a Poker site at any given time (Maybe 10 Buy-ins) and keep the remainder in a e-wallet and such.

      I don't know Microgaming's history and have never heard of the rooms you've mentioned above so I cannot comment on that.

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    • raise2much
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      I dont think you have to worry about your money. But if this stress you, just move to Unibet/Ladbrokes instead