The VIP Tour 2013: Kiev, 13-14 of April

For the second time we're inviting you and your partner to visit the capital of Ukraine - Kiev, where our next VIP Tour stop will take place. As always, we've prepared an interesting entertainment programme for you; there is something for everyone!

Check out the last Kiev event: Photos | Video

All Diamond and Black Members are invited to attend, provided they hold their VIP status for at least one day between February 1 and April 10, 2013.

What will be doing in Kiev?

Saturday: Banquet for Black Members and Diamonds with entertainment programme
Sunday: Daytime activity on Sunday, exact details about the programme will follow

Please note: for the Black Member and Diamond Banquet we have a dress code: shirt with jeans or trousers, jacket with shirt and jeans or trousers or a suit; no sport shoes please.


To register for the event, make sure you have Diamond or Black Member status for at least one day between February 1 - April 10 and email
To register for the event please send an e-mail to with the following details:

  • Surname and first name (so we know who you are when you get there)
  • Your nickname
  • Whether you'll be bringing a partner with you or not
  • Any dietary requirements (allergies/vegetarian etc) you may have. staff at the event will speak English, German and Russian.

We look forward to seeing you in Kiev!

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On the VIP Tour 2012, we had events in 12 different countries with more than 700 Diamond and Black Members from 17 communities.