Calculating equity 3-bet PF

    • G1lius
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      Since I got pokertracker 3 (I don't really like elephant), I'm using the 3-bet preflop stats at my table, too see if they 3-bet light.

      How are these stats calculated? It happens that 3-bet PF is higher the PFR, wich is impossible if it's just the number of hands.

      Can I put in this number of % in equilator for his range?
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    • ciRith
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      Hi G1lius,

      yep if the guy 3-bets you should use that value for Equilator. It's a very useful value (and Elephant has it as well ;) ).

      Is the normal PFR separated by 3-bet? This is the only reasonable explaination I have for that.

      For me PFR means a raise no matter if it was the second, third or fourth bet.
      The 3-bet is the third bet only so 3-bet can't be higher than PFR.
      If PFR is just second bet it would make sense as you can 3-bet 3 times but raise not once.
    • opal99
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      maybe it's stupid idea, but shouldn't pre-flop cap belong to 3-bet stat?

      Because sometimes you don't have chance to 3-bet and you cap. Capping range is smaller than 3-betting so if you cap, you would (of course) 3-bet too (some fishes do only limp / cap but it's not important).
    • ciRith
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      Makes sense. But this should also be in PFR. :/
      It's very important that the 3-bet value needs way more hands to be as accurate as PFR as it happens less often. (Maniacs excluded. ^^)