[NL2-NL10] nl25 broke flop?

    • Stedyeddy
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      NL Holdem $0.25(BB) Replayer
      SB ($20.60)
      BB ($29.67)
      UTG ($26.96)
      UTG+1 ($27.17)
      Hero ($11.40)
      BTN ($25.26)

      Dealt to Hero T:diamond: K:club:

      fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.75, fold, fold, BB calls $0.50

      FLOP ($1.60) 6:diamond: T:club: 6:heart:

      BB checks, Hero bets $1, BB raises to $2.50, Hero calls $1.50

      TURN ($6.60) 6:diamond: T:club: 6:heart: 8:club:

      BB checks, Hero checks

      RIVER ($6.60) 6:diamond: T:club: 6:heart: 8:club: Q:diamond:

      BB checks, Hero checks

      Player 18/15
      AF 1.5
      180 hands
      Fcbet 75%
      c/c 10%

      show AJs.

      Against this oponent I dont know what to do. I think taht fold the flop its the best move. My plan was to push if he continue the agresion in turn.
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    • kymupa
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      I think we should consider making it less in the late positions.

      I think bet/calling the flop is a good move here.
      He can hardly have us beat here - I doubt he has much 6x in his range, and TT is probably a 3bet preflop.
      So he is only left with AT here and probably a lot of bluffs so calling and planning to call him down seems like a good plan to me.

      As played, I prefer betting like $3.5 on the turn.

      The river card isn't good, since I can hardly see any worse hands calling us now, so checking back is fine.

    • Stedyeddy
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      What can I do if he continue this turn? go broke?