microstakes donkaments

    • tommygecko
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      Do any of you guys play them only? I find the variance extremely high even in the late stages people limp and cold call like crazy. Do you guys think it will be profitable for me to grind MTTs and be profitable with a $500 bankroll? Or just go with cash/sngs until i have a big enough bankroll to play higher stakes MTTs?
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    • raise2much
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      Depend on which site you are grinding mtt's.

      If you are playing at stars i would suggest a bigger bankroll to play mtts $1k+ to play $1-5

      Also depends if you dont have any problem with reload.

      If youre playing mtts on smaller sites the fields will be much smaller and i think $500 bankroll is enough to grind $1-5 mtts
    • Asaban
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      A 500$ bankroll is absolutely sufficient to play 1$ tournaments. But not more.
      As long as you follow a proper bankroll management (for Pokerstars: at least 400 avg BI's), there shouldn't be a problem.

      Sure, players are very bad in these tournaments and the variance is extremely high due to the large player fields. At the same time your edge is very big as well - so you should be able to gain nice profits long term. Be aware that you might encounter long lasting down swings - so your mindset should be prepared.