PT4 account on 2 computers

    • zumpar
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      do any of u know if its possible to run PT4 on 2+ different computers using the same license?

      If so, how do i do this? just download PT4 trial for another computer and plug in the original licence code i received via e-mail?

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    • PokerTracker
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      It is perfectly possible to run PT4 on two computers (however, not on more than two) using the same license. Simply download and install it on both computers using your original registration code.
    • Fl00ter
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      Hey @PokerTracker!

      I have two questions regarding that, as I am thinking about a purchase.
      I am playing poker on a regular basis on two computers. As I found out it is totally fine to use the PokerTracker for those.
      But I am also considering to play using a second account on a different side.
      Is it possible to use PT for a second side / second account too (same person!) or does it have to be one and the same?

      I have a family member who wants to try out Poker too! Lets say I let her open an Account on my PC, would it be possible to
      let her try my PokerTracker too for some weekends so that she gets some insight and can decide if she wants to use it later on?
      (My computer is more suited, as it can be quite demanding to run Poker, + Tracker on different tables + a Browser, so it'd be better
      if i lend her mine since hers is quite old)

      Many thanks for your answers!!
    • PokerTracker
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      That's fine! We know that people play at several skins at different sites and so on. All of your hands will import from all of your accounts.

      You can certainly take your family member on a tour and show them everything we can do. Like you, they are also entitled to our free 30 day trial too.
    • pharaonsgold
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      please advise if pocker tracker is good for cash games or tournament as well. Becqause mostly i play MTT, cash i play live
      sometimes you meet donkeys at the MTT and do not know if i should fold AA preflop against them
    • PokerTracker
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      PokerTracker 4 supports both cash games and tournaments and the only exception to that is for the Microgaming Network (MPN) where cash games are not currently supported.

      - Rob