[NL20-NL50] Nl25 Qq

    • DarkAwi
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      Party, $0.10/$0.25 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 4 Players
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      Hero (BTN): $25 (100 bb)
      SB: $34.88 (139.5 bb)
      BB: $18.55 (74.2 bb)
      CO: $28.63 (114.5 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BTN with Q Q
      CO folds, Hero raises to $0.75, SB folds, BB calls $0.50

      Flop: ($1.60) 4 6 2 (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $1.14, BB calls $1.14

      Turn: ($3.88) T (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $2.76, BB calls $2.76

      River: ($9.40) 2 (2 players)
      BB bets $13.90 and is all-in, Hero???

      Can we call this overbet? Not repping too much, and kinda aggressive, but this is the first time he x/c, x/c, overbet donk. Would you call this?

      villain: http://pbrd.co/WIJSka
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi DarkAwi,

      Preflop: looks fine

      Postflop: Look at his aggression numbers we see something a bit peculiar. On one hand his Agg Factor is low (for an aggro player) but his aggression frequency is higher (for a passive player). This can only mean one thing: this guy loves to call AND bet/raise which means that he doesn't like folding.

      So it is quite possible that he can have a 2x in his range that doesn't like folding or even a slowplayed monster. Given that I assume (based on his stats) that he likes calling a bit I would be tempted to fold there because fishy guys rarely take a line like this for bluffs and there aren't that many draws that could have missed.

      As a side note you do have 110+ hands so we should have a better idea about what his ranges may be (for example what he has called down with given his high WTSD).