[NL2-NL10] NL5 Speed ATs missed value on River?

    • cheekopeh
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      IPoker, $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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      Hero (BB): $5.02 (100.4 bb)
      UTG: $3.81 (76.2 bb)
      MP: $5.21 (104.2 bb)
      CO: $5.43 (108.6 bb)
      BTN: $2.02 (40.4 bb)
      SB: $6.27 (125.4 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with A T
      3 folds, BTN calls $0.05, SB folds, Hero raises to $0.15, BTN calls $0.10

      Flop: ($0.32) A 8 6 (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.22, BTN calls $0.22

      Turn: ($0.76) K (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.45, BTN calls $0.45

      River: ($1.66) 7 (2 players)
      Hero checks, BTN checks

      $1.66 pot ($0.08 rake)
      Final Board: A 8 6 K 7
      Hero mucked A T and won $1.58 ($0.76 net)
      BTN showed 5 A and lost (-$0.82 net)

      BTN - ( $2.02 USD ) - VPIP: 80, PFR: 0, 3B: 0, AF: 0.5, Hands: 5

      PF: I iso-raise only 3bb because Villain is short.

      Flop: I c-bet around 2/3 pot on a dry flop. Wanted to bet around 1/2 actually.

      Turn: The K is not too bad I suppose since AK is less likely for him. So left w AQ/AJ which beats me and some random Ax or Kx 2p hands. I bet around 60% pot again.

      River: I don't know if I should put him all in here.. Wanted to value bet but also afraid I'll value town myself. I'm such a p*ssy

      On hindsight, I think I was rushing my decision. If I thought it through, Villain wouldn't be holding AJ-AK because he just limped in preflop. If lose against 2p or a set then it's just nice hand for me. I think this should be an easy River shove now. 24bbs flew away :f_cry:
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    • kymupa
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      Preflop I'd make it $0.2.

      On the flop I like your bet.

      Turn doesn't really change much so I think betting again is mandatory here. I would probably bet around $0.55 though.

      As played, I think the river is more likely to be a shove.
      I doubt he folds Ax and the only better Ax that he may has are A8-A6 in my opinion (and two pair are probably raising the flop) so I think we should shove on the river.

    • CPallo
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      That kind of VPIP guys might limp in with AJ/A6 etc, or even slowplay sets (had seen that surprisingly often). On the contrary, he is so short that I'd bet here, as he might from time to time have worse Ax.
    • cheekopeh
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      Hi Coach,

      Am I right to say if Villain had full stack, against him I can value-bet the River for around half pot?

      CPallo - Yep they play any suited Ace. Hurts to see AK lose to some random 2p Ax always. But my biggest leak is I don't value-bet enough on the River! I'm a paranoid little wuss.
    • kymupa
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      If he had 100bb, I would probably value bet as well, around $0.7.