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      Hello everybody! First of all I want to apologize for my bad English language, maybe it will become better later. Somehow I thought that i need to introduce myself to this great community. So, I am from the small country, called Lithuania. I am 20 years old. Today I am second course student. I study computer science which I like a lot, especially programming. I started to play poker about 3 years ago, when my friend showed it to me. So maybe it is strange that I am not very succesful at it. I had a long time breaks because of my studies, but now I expect to achieve more. These days I have almost 100$ bankroll, but still I am playing nl2 cash on pokerstars, but here I can feel comfortable of not risking my all bankroll. Now I am thinking about starting a blog :)
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      Well hello there FactoriusX and welcome to the English community!

      Happy birthday to you! Any plans for today then? It feels like an age since I was 20 but then again that is because it was a long time ago :D

      So you're playing NL2 at PokerStars, nothing wrong with that at all! Maybe if you can grind enough to make Silver status our educational content and material may help you on the way to NL5 and beyond!

      You're English is excellent by the way :)

      Starting a blog is a very good idea also - hope to see you in our blogging section very soon!

      Wishing you every success,

    • Mantelo
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      C'mon, I wouldn't describe Lithuania as a small country :D Anyway, I see You are thinking more seriously about poker career which is great. I'm sure if You dedicate enough, You will achieve many nice results :s_cool: Sėkmės!