pls need help on partypoker activation

    • jmjohn23
      Joined: 10.02.2013 Posts: 1
      plss help me i want to play on party poker but it says that i need to activate my account. is there any other way to play in freeroll but no deposit?
      and how is that capital $ works can some one help me? pls
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    • Phoenix2104
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      You can't play in the freerolls if you don't deposit in Party Poker.
    • JascSP
      Joined: 27.02.2013 Posts: 4
      So then, what incentive does anybody have to invest their money in Partypoker. I would expect to be given the chance to get a feel for the sïte before any of my own money is invested.

      With so many sites offering free money or at least freeroll tournaments for all, I find it amazing that anyone would blindly invest with a site like Partypoker. Thanks for highlighting this situation, I was considering joining Partypoker, I certainly will not bother now, you have saved me a lot of wasted time.