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Calling ranges when playing 5/4/3 bb

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    • GlitlrPS
      Joined: 13.02.2013 Posts: 70
      a lot depends on how many people are left because it could imply payout stuff.

      I'd say in general, you also need to look at stacks around you. if you are in last place, you can tend to call wider (perhaps A8 KJ QJs type hands)
    • Angelface21
      Joined: 23.05.2011 Posts: 47
      play 3.50 hypers 6 max I am aware of positions and what to do but at this level by example on the bu iso raising will be called most of the time with bs hands.
      Therefore I am not sure anymore what to do on those spots and if I should only go for value iso here because of those micro levels

      What is the advice here?!

      If I iso raise I always go for a cb and if I get donked into I mostly push (stats) all in or a small raise, To be clear...

      Which positions we doing it (bu and co and which hands after limpers have been entered the pot. Ofcourse it depends where the limpers are situated, game lose or not, limp trappers. But if they call lose should we mind cause we would be ahead of their range mostl