qestion about time between blinds increasing

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      For example, if I play turbo tournaments, where blinds are increasing every 3 - 5 minutes and in a specific situation (lets say it is push or fold phase) I calculate the most + EV push range (consider every detail, position blind's stacks, players and so on) then for example I play tournament where blinds are increasing every 12- 15 minute and I turned out in the same situation when I was before (in turbo) will my pushing range change at all? and if it changes, can you tell me how? and what further details I have to take into consideration?
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    • Asaban
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      Hi VIDOCCC and welcome to the tournament strategy forum :)

      Your question is very interesting since there haven't been a discussion about it in a long time here.

      I think, that the optimal range shouldn't change. +EV pushes are +EV pushes and -EV stays -EV. At the same time you should change your behavior when it comes to boarderline hands.

      If you have a very slow structure you should normally fold if a hand is EV neutral. In faster structures you will often have to take these pushes in order to remain flexibility in future situations. The future game aspect gets another sense. While there will most likely be better spots in slow tournament structures, turbo's won't give you the time to wait for another chance in many cases.

      In rare ocassions you can even take slightly -EV pushes in turbo structures to avoid getting too short and loosing your fold equity, because of an upcoming blind increase.

      The "most +EV pushing range" stays the same - you just have to interpret it in another way.

      If you have any further question feel free to ask!